Our Recycling Program


We are excited to let you know that we have established a recycling program for our products.

If you have some exhausted, broken, old, don’t-like-it-anymore Mandelbrot Studio’s pieces, you can now exchange them for a 10% discount on a new piece.

This recycling program is aimed at decreasing our environmental impact and keeping old jewelry out of the bin and back in the cycle of resources.

Together we can protect the planet.








  • Send us a picture of your old Mandelbrot Studio jewelry⁠ by email.
  • Once we receive the email with the picture we will confirm whether you are eligible to receive the 10% discount and will inform you about how you can send the old piece in (unfortunately we cannot reimburse the postage).
  • If you are eligible for the discount, you will also receive a discount code that you can use for the purchase of a new item.
  • We either recycle all the materials or we re-use some of the parts for a special up-cycled collection.⁠
    Just to be clear: you can bring in ANY old Mandelbrot Studio item, whether it’s broken, filthy, incomplete (to a degree), or still wearable.⁠